Script : Align a path to delete knots.

You can download the script here (for 2.40) or a .blend exemple file here

Situation :

You have a path with knots.

What the script do?

- Copy your path and realign the copy local Z-axis with the vector for which there is a low probability it cross an edge of path.


How to use script :

1. Select path(s) to realign.

2. Launch script with Alt+P (once the script is imported in Blender) or Put it in .blender/scripts/ folder and follow the instructions open it from the Scripts Window in wizards section area (you can follow this instructions)

It's done : you have now 2 paths : the old and the new



If some other PupMenu appear :
1. This script only works on path : One of selected object isn't a curve.
2. Error can't open curves point :  verify that you are working on the 2.40 version.

 Known problems :

1. If your path is a BezierPath it convert it into a NurbPath. 'Natural' path are Nurbs ones : to create a Bezier ones you have to made many manipulations : so if you don't know difference between it don't care.

Future plans :
- Make compatibility with BezierPath.

Version history (most recent in first):
- Discovering on the french forum zoo-logique of the reason of knots problem. For more information about it see Jean Montambeault's website : here or here

For any problems or suggestion contact me : r3gis